Zimbabwe Sign Language


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Basic information of the sign language
Language name Zimbabwe Sign Language
Region Zimbabwe


Language name

Zimbabwe Sign Language

(Altanate names)Zimsign



Population of signers

Zimbabwe National Association of the Deaf's official or approximate number of Deaf people: approx 1,500,000.; Sign language users: approx 1,200,000. (WFD. 2008. Global Survey Report. : See Bibliography below.)

Language family


Masvingo School Sign Language

Zimbabwe Community Sign Language

Zimbabwe School Sign Language

Linguistic characteristics


Related sign languages

Related spoken languages

Institutes, associations and universities



World Federation of the Deaf and Swedish National Association of the Deaf. 2008. Global Survey Report. WFD Regional Secretariat for Southern and Eastern Africa (WFD RSESA). Global Education Pre-Planning Project on the Human Rights of Deaf People. World Federation of the Deaf. Finland.

Chimedza, Robert. 1998. The cultural politics of integrating Deaf students in regular schools in Zimbabwe. In : Disability & society. vol.13.No.4.493-502.

Chimedza, Robert. 1995. A survey of sign language differences among deaf adults in Zimbabwe. In: Zimbabwe journal of educational research. v.7 no.3. 314-322.

Chimedza, Robert. 1992. Zimbabwe Sign Language Position Paper. In: Finnish Association of the Deaf ed. East African sign language seminar, Debre Zeit, Ethoipia, August 10-16,1990. Helsinki: Finnish Association of the Deaf. 27-29.


History of sign language research

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