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Basic information of the country/area
Name of the country/area Afghanistan
Formal name of the country/area Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Country/area information The World Factbook (CIA)
Wikipedia (English)


Indigenous signs for "Afghanistan"

Spoken languages

Dari (Afghan Persian)


Sign languages

Afghan Sign Language

Population of Deaf/deaf people

The population of the signers of Afghan Sign Language: 1,000 (2012). (Ethnologue web Edition)

Legal status of sign languages

Organizations and associations of the Deaf/deaf

Afghanistan National Association of the Deaf (WFD member)

Afghanistan National Association for Deaf in association with CRS. 5-minute promotional video for ANAD.

Institutes, associations and universities for sign language studies

Education for the Deaf

Supporting inclusive education in Afghanistan - a father's story

An EENET Meeting to Discuss Deaf Issues in the South

Deaf communities and cultures

UNDP Afghanistan: working with the government to develop the Parliament, civil service and Afghan sign language

Religious activities by the Deaf

Famous Deaf persons and hearing persons concerned with sign languages

Sign language dictionaries

Serve. 2001. Regional Sign Language Dictionary Second edition. Jalalabad.

Serve. 1995. Afghan Sign Language, Book One. Peshawar: SERVE.

Centre for Disability Service. 1991. Dari: Zaban Ishara [Sign Language.] Kabul: Centre for Disability Service.


Power, Justin. 2016. Handshapes in Afghan Sign Language: Evidence of contrast in a young sign language. Poster presentation at Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research (TISLR12).

Power, Justin. 2016. Initialization In Afghan Sign Language: Iconicity And Arbitrariness In Complex Interaction. Oral presentation at Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research Conference (TISLR 12).

Comprehensive Disabled Afghans' Project. 1999. National Workshop on Development of Afghan Sign Language: 8–10 February 1999. Peshawar.

Lee, Soo Choo. 1999. A Project for Deaf People in Afghanistan


History of sign language research



Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Afghanistan

SERVE Progress Among Afghan Deaf Community

Sign Puddle Online 1.5 : Write Sign Language Dictionaries & Literature in Any Sign Language in the World...


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