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Basic information of the country/area
Name of the country/area Fiji
Formal name of the country/area Republic of the Fiji Islands
Country/area information The World Factbook (CIA)
Wikipedia (English)


Indigenous signs for "Fiji"

Illustrations in the literature

"Fiji" (In: Japanese Federation of the Deaf ed. Supervisor: Hedberg, Tomas. 2003. Country name-signs. Helsinki, Finland: World Federation of the Deaf. 19.)

Spoken languages



Sign languages

Fiji Sign Language

Population of Deaf/deaf people

Legal status of sign languages

Organizations and associations of the Deaf/deaf

Fiji Association of the Deaf (WFD member)

Fiji Association of the Deaf Youth Section (Facebook)

Institutes, associations and universities for sign language studies

Education for the Deaf

Deaf Children with Additional Disabilities in Developing Countries : Fiji

Sign language interpretation

  • Asia Pacific region survey from WASLI. 2007. WASLI Newsletter 2007 Issue 6. (See Bibliography below).

1.The number of sign language interpreters that are working:


2. The sign language in the country : Fiji Sign Language (heavily influenced by Australian Sign Language and signed English)

3. Spoken languages:

English, Fijian, Hindu and other pacific island languages

4. This country has some Interpreter training programmes.

5. The rates for using a sign language interpreter(given in US Dollars according the exchange rate 13/9/06):

Per Hour : 2.9
Deaf People : No charge
NGO’s : 11.60 per day
Companies or Businesses : 29.00 per day
Other : N/A

Deaf communities and cultures

Religious activities by the Deaf

Famous Deaf persons and hearing persons concerned with sign languages

Sign language dictionaries

Cabbage, Don and John Peterson. 2002?. Fiji Sign Language, volume I, II El Paso, Texas: International Communication Publishers.


WASLI (World Association of Sign Language Interpreters ). 2007. WASLI Newsletter 2007 Issue 6 Kampala, Uganda.


History of sign language research



Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Fiji


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