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Basic information of the country/area
Name of the country/area Guinea-Bissau
Formal name of the country/area Republic of Guinea-Bissau
Country/area information The World Factbook (CIA)
Wikipedia (English)


Indigenous signs for "Guinea-Bissau"

Spoken languages


Sign languages

Population of Deaf/deaf people

Legal status of sign languages

Organizations and associations of the Deaf/deaf

Associação de Surdos da Guiné-Bissau (AS-GB)

Institutes, associations and universities for sign language studies

Education for the deaf

Sign language development in Guinea Bissau

Deaf communities and cultures

Religious activities by the Deaf

Famous Deaf persons and hearing persons concerned with sign languages

Sign language dictionaries


2006. Esforços para educar crianças surdas em Guiné-Bissau. In : Revista da Feneis. No.29. July-September 2006. p.22-23.


History of sign language research



Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Guinea-Bissau

As comunidades surdas dos Paises Africanos de Lingua Oficial Portuguesa (PALOP)


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