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Basic information of the country/area
Name of the country/area Syria
Formal name of the country/area Syrian Arab Republic
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Indigenous signs for "Syria"

Illustrations in the literature

"Syria" (In: Japanese Federation of the Deaf ed. Supervisor: Hedberg, Tomas. 2003. Country name-signs. Helsinki, Finland: World Federation of the Deaf. 86.)

Spoken languages


Sign languages

Population of Deaf/deaf people

Legal status of sign languages

Organizations and associations of the Deaf/deaf

  • Syrian Federation of Deaf and Mute Welfare Societies (WFD member, data in 2002, cited from "Signs of country names" (Japanese edition, Japan Institute for Sign Language Studies ed. 2002. Tokyo: Japanese Federation of the Deaf))

Institutes, associations and universities for sign language studies

Education for the deaf

Deaf communities and cultures

Religious activities by the Deaf

Famous Deaf persons and hearing persons concerned with sign languages

Sign language dictionaries


Scalenghe, Sara. 2005. The Deaf in Ottoman Syria, 16th - 18th centuries. In : Arab Studies Journal. 13 (1) 10-25.

Moustgaard, Raija. 1994. World Federation of the Deaf Manual on how to run an organization of the deaf. Helsinki: WFD. 182.

Taahan K. 1979. Language, speech and personality. In: International Symposium, April 17-21, 1978, Leipzig, GDR. Speech and Development of the personality of the Deaf. Papers. 72-76.

Toubbeh, J., S. Soliman and J. Yates. 1976. Communication for hearing–handicapped people in the Arab world. In: Oyer, Herbert J. ed. Communication for the Hearing Handicapped. An international perspective. Baltimore:Univ. Park Press. 395–419. ( Including Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and UAE.


History of sign language research



Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Syria

Attaya For Deaf


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